Roast lobster flambée whisky Glazed packchoi with roast slice tomatoes perfumed with cumin powder Slices of Serrano ham roast with olive oil


- Cut the lobster in half, seasoned with salt, pepper and chili powder Add olive oil and put straight in the oven – Put the packchoi in a small pot with some butter, salt, pepper and a little bit of sugar. Add water to level cover and cook until water gone. – Make thick slices with tomatoes, put them on a tray, seasoned with salt, pepper and cumin powder, put some fine chop garlic on the top, olive oil and straight in The oven. -For the sauce make a stocked with prawns head garlic onions tomatoes. Boil for 10 min, strain it and reserve the juice – Remove the lobster from the oven, put whisky and approach it to the burner to make it flambee. Get back all the juice from the cooking of the lobster add the prawn stock and reduced it. Finalise the sauce adding butter and whippe it. Seasoned to your own taste – Remove tomatoes from the oven – Put Serrano slices in the oven just for 5 min – During this time you got all time to dress your plate. Once your done add on the top your roast Serrano Enjoy your dish…… And BON APPETIT

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