Unfortunally , it will happen sometimes that the flight cebu/ Siargao gone be cancelled.
If so , the option of rebooking your flight the same day will be to pass by Surigao city.
You will have to spend a night in Surigao and the next morning jump on a boat to get to Siargao island .

Where to stay in Surigao

  -The Tavern hotel is right on the “boulevard” (this is the place where you will get your boat to come in Siargao Island) , the rooms got balcony facing the ocean.
average price around 2000 pesos a night with a big breakfast buffet included.

-For budget Accommodation you will find the RSY pension . Rooms are clean , about 800 pesos a night .
An other budget place would be the EY hotel , go there if the 2 other places are fully booked , the rooms are clean , but the maintenance not the best .about 800 pesos a night as well . rooms got no windows and are a bit tiny.

To get in those hotels , just ask the driver of the tricycle , they all knows the places.

Where to eat 

Don t expect high quality dinner there, but for local food you will find your happiness.
when you get there in the morning try “Bebelyn Kitchen”, this is one of the small restaurant next to the market. Fresh product coming straight from the new arrival in the market .this is like a buffet, all the dishes are cooked already , you will have a selection of chicken , pork , beef cooked in sauce , fresh seafood , different soup.
if you feel like buying your own product in the market , they will be happy to cook it for you .

For dinner time  go to the pier and ask for BBQ places , there is a multitude of them.
From roast pork belly , roat chicken to bbq stick you will find food to suit you.

Calda pizza is located on the boulevard, nice pizza selection .
then you can find also fast food chain like jollybee, chow king ,greenwhich.

What to do

Hang out in the public park , visit the market ,you can also walk around the town .

Coming to Siargao island 

-first fast boat early morning at 6am from the boulevard, front of tavern hotel.
ask for the dapa express or the Britphield

-11 30 am an other fast boat from the same location .

-12 noon form the Pier , the montenegro , it s a proper ferry , it takes 4 hours to get to Siargao island with this boat instead of 2 hours with fast boat



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